Packing for Portland

My mouth tastes like ass. I went to the KeyFood to buy some sandwich fixins for the plane tomorrow. I got a couple hoagie rolls and a three pack of lunch meats. I hope it's enough. I was suckered into a package of Archway Frosty Lemon cookies on the way out. They were on sale and I'm already half-way through them. Puke. I think I need some "real" food. I've got that crappy mouth that comes from eating too much sugar and fat and not enough good stuff. I should brush my teeth. ugh.

I'm amazed at how little I've gotten accomplished today. I ran today for 47 minutes so that's good. I went to the grocery store and picked up my laundry. I'm about 80% packed. I'm trying to pack light and it's spring so it's not like I gotta pack tons of shit. I have the feeling the real packing will happen tomorrow. I'll forget something.

This morning, I was a little sad. I kept thinking things like, "What's the point?" and "Where am I headed?" etc. when I kind of stood back mentally and realized what was going on. Just calling attention to the thoughts made me feel better. It was cloudy this morning. I listened to Gone With the Wind on my way to the track. Mom called from her cell phone.

I asked her what she was doing and she said she was driving around with my father looking for me. I told her that my flight wasn't until tomorrow and the best place to look for me would probably be at the airport instead of just randomly driving around. I love how we joke. :) I guess she's getting excited for me to come home. I'm getting excited! Everyone asks if I'm excited about my trip. I say yes for the trip but no to the travel. Although I think it'll be okay. I have my good book and a ton of magazines arrived for me today: Womens Health, The Economist, and Businessweek. Well, Bloomberg's Businessweek.

It's raining a little bit out now. I can see some rain on the window. I like being inside and warm and safe. I'll always be inside and warm and safe. That's a nice thought. I'll always have a nice, warm, safe inside. It almost brings tears to my eyes. :)

I'm going to have to set the alarm for three o'clock. I don't forsee a ton of sleep tonight. That's fine. I'll set five alarms. I remember the one time I did oversleep which was so weird! I slept until about fifteen minutes before I was supposed to leave the house! Of course, it would have all been fine if the trains had run my way, but they didn't. I ended up getting out at Grand Central and catching a cab. It was expensive but it was worth it for my mental health.

I didn't do any marketing today. I suppose I have a couple more hours in the day. I could throw an hour that way. I just frittered the day away on facebook and nonsense like that. I hate myself! It's the worst. At least I did my run and now I'm doing my 750 words. I wonder if I'll do any of it when I get to Portland. Will we all just fight over the computers with nothing to do? I should get a guidebook or something. I suppose I could do a little reading up on Portland tonight. What the heck to see.

I wonder if they have any historical houses to see. I'll bet they do. Maybe a grand house or two. A Hysterical marker. Laura says she wants to come down to NYC and go to Teddy Roosevelt's house--where he was born. Yeah, we should do that.

I just looked up houses. There's one house. Phoey! Weren't there any rich people in Portland?! Guess not. They've got an art museum I have to check out: PAM. Ha! :) I'm looking at their website and it looks like they might have some good stuff. :) I packed my art lens in my bag. Must remember to pack the camera, eh? That wouldn't do.

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No photography at PAM. :(