Saying Good-Bye

I suck at Goodbyes. Today is my last day at work and barely anyone knows. I like it like that. Most Goodbyes consist of this exchange:

Them: "Oh? You're leaving? How come?"
Me: "Well, I'm moving to XYZ."
Them: "Really? Why?"
Me: "A host of reasons really...blah blah blah...yeah..."
Them: "It's been great working with you: we'll be sorry to see you go."

Awkward hug.

Repeat ad nauseum.

I've moved three times in the last two and a half years: New York City to Sacramento, Sacramento to San Francisco, and San Francisco back to New York. Every time someone asked "why" I'd have to justify myself over and over. Why? Why? Why? Why would you want to move to Sacramento from New York? That's Crazy!? Sacramento to San Francisco is understandable. But back to New York?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm out for a pack of cigarettes. I'll be right back.


Marcie said...

Will you miss working at WKRP?

Corey said...

Have a safe move - keep us in the loop. You know we have no life (individually or collectively) so we'll be waiting with baited breath...what does that mean anyway?

P.S. I posted an entire blog in response to your Ann Fishman comment/query.

bowling with no panties said...

I can easily understand the move from SF to NYC.

Michael Kutcher...Ashton Kutcher. Who is hotter? We know the answer to that one.