Helping Disabled Kids

You know what helps disabled kids more than horses? Real job skills like typing, computers and learning how to pound a nail. Look how far knowing how to ride a horse got Paris Hilton.

May 29, 2006
Shatner: Horses Can Help Disabled Kids
Filed at 4:47 p.m. ET

JERUSALEM (AP) -- The captain who dared to ''boldly go where no man has gone before'' has targeted a new destination: William Shatner believes he can contribute to Middle East peace by helping disabled children through horseback riding.

The former ''Star Trek'' actor was in Israel on Monday to promote ''therapeutic riding.'' He hopes to raise $10 million for nearly 30 riding programs in the country.

Shatner said that placing injured people on horseback has been shown to improve their conditions. ''We know that the use of a horse in their therapy takes them beyond their handicapped body, their injured body, and into another area of health,'' he said.


Marcie said...

Job skills would have to be the most important. But I can see how horseback riding could be liberating for them.

Corey said...

I admit my gross bias from the start...

My wife works in DD services. For nearly tens years now she's helped disabled individuals learn valuable life skills and lead normalized lives, including jobs, relationships, shopping, etc.

However, as much as that type of education aids them, there is something about rec therapy for DD individuals that assists them in leading more normalized lives at a much greater rate than you would expect.

One such organization that has been doing this for years is EagleMount (in MT), another is Riding for Hope (in KY).

I applaud Shatner for doing far more than the average person. I mean, Angelina Jolie is adopting individuals, and Shatner is aiding the peace process and helping DD kids.

Every little bit helps.