CBS Sunday Morning

We get up at five fifty every Sunday morning to watch the CBS Sunday Morning Show. This is an old fart show that's fully funded by the pharmaceutical companies. Most of the advertisements are for propecia and nasonex. Every week, they feature some over-the-hill rock star who went through a series of wives and now, in his doddering age, is putting out a come-back album so he can keep his trophy wife and new twins in the McMansions she's grown accustomed to . My mom loves this show; and I love my mom so I watch it with her. But it kills me that she nods her head at everything this show spews. This morning there was an "ain't it awful" feature on medical misdiagnoses. I scoffed at it but my mother nods her head like the Mayor of Anaheim when he takes orders from Robert Iger.

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Marcie said...

Eeewww! Kenny Rogers is creepy.