I'm An Asshole

What is a blog? It's a place to write about whatever you feel like writing about. On this blog, I hoped to write about celebrity gossip and to complain. I've done a little and a lot of both. And sometimes, I write about things that make me look like a flaming asshole. Then, my beloved readers tell me that I'm an asshole and I feel bad.

But should I apologize for what I post on my blog? I mean, deep down: I mean what I say. If I say something horrible, it must mean that I meant it at some time and it's a part of me. Maybe I just hadn't had my cup of morning coffee yet.

These blogs feature spell check but not social filter.


Corey said...

Hey...I don't think that whatsoever. Really. I'm just personally biased. It's not like you said "Fuck disabled people!" In fact, your comments, in my opinion, were geared more towards Shatner's actions. So, if you're referring to what I commented - you should have no worries. If, on the other hand, someone else said something nasty - to hell with them. You're entitled to your personal opinion. Hell, it's no worse than what I said about Fishman's idiotic theories.

Daily Hater said...

Never apologize. Hate on.

Marcie said...

I did not say you were an asshole. I agreed with you my dear. I just thought the horsey rides sounded like fun too;)

bowling with no panties said...

I think you're an asshole for calling yourself an asshole based upon a comment from an asshole.


Corey said...

That cunt's right, I'm an asshole.