I'm teaching my mom how to blog

hi All! This is where I'm teaching my mom how to post blogs. I'm now going to add a picture to help.

My mom is pretty technically savvy for a *ahem* fifty-nine year old woman but she's been asking me about these blogs that are so popular with the kids these days. She'll ask about something like blogging or myspace or ipods and I'll try to explain it to her and then she'll put it down and I throw up my hands in despair of trying and then she'll ask a little later and I'll explain it again. Sometimes I feel like this even though it's nothing like that.

Living at home with the rents I'm the new tech support person: they both have their respective offices and work at their computers all day long. You can see their webpages here and here. So they're not dumbasses (like me; I'm a big dissapointment in so many ways).


Maulleigh said...

Your mom rocks!!!

Marcie said...

Your Mom is gonna blog? How cool.

Laura Bora from Bufadora said...

Go T!!!! Go T!!! It's your birfday! Oh! oh! oh! oh!