I get this feeling that I'm not in charge of my life anymore, but it's just about daily pleasures. I have no career goals anymore; that's out the window. Forget a career as I know it and I haven't had any calling here in Italy at all. My Italian is still terrible and I have little to no excuses after a year and a half. You get out what you put into it. Of course I compare myself with women who have Italian husbands who probably speak Italian to them all the time. I compare myself to women who have been here for decades.
There's a roundabout right near the daycare that is being worked on. They have temporary traffic lights installed. It's weird that I live in Italy. I wish I lived in a more metropolitan area. I wish Giovanni and I could go out to eat every night like we used to in Manhattan and Jersey. I liked that. There's a big difference between going out to eat every night at a restaurant at 8:00 and having to cook dinner for someone else at 8:00 every night.

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