I made the same mistake today that I made on Saturday. I had less caffeine this morning. Not my usual American coffee but just a small Italian caffe. Not enough caffeine and now I'm out of sorts and sort of down--even though it's a beautiful day. A lot of clouds in the sky.
Anna got up with a cough; she had a cough all last night but didn't complain. But Giovanni wanted to give her something this morning so I said, "Sure, go ahead!" So he gave her a spoonful of the "cough" syrup for babies (which doesn't exist). He got some on her sacco di nanna, even though I told him not to do that in retaliation.
Dropped Anna off at daycare where I was told she has to wear knit pants and not the cute tights and skirt I put her in today. Oh, stuff it lady. All I ever get is grief.
Just realized that it's mom's birthday next month. Oh boy, I better get my cards in order. I have to send one to Laura, also. Mom must not have herself down on Facebook; that's where I looked yesterday. I think I have enough cards. Mom says she's sending more.
Yesterday afternoon, I didn't do anything. Anna and I just hung out here at the house. We never ended up going to the park. Anna needs a little more rest in the afternoon now that she's going to daycare. She doesn't get to sleep until 1:00 pm and then when I try to wake her up at 3:00 she's a cranky mess for a long time--almost an hour. She's growing and playing and having fun.
I've been reading the book "Capital" which is a British book and I'm enjoying it so far. It was recommended to me by Betina at the ladies' library morning. I said I wanted something not heavy or about the Holocaust. It was a good suggestion and now I'd like to read more books like it. I'm learning things, though, which is nice. I'm also reading a Topolino comic book which really helps. I understand a lot of it. I went to class this morning and sometimes I understand a lot and sometimes I don't. Seems like everyone understands a lot more than I do. And I can't help myself from being  a smart ass in class. This morning, Lino gave me something about Bernie Sanders being a socialist and I said that "Socialist" was a dirty word in America. The Russians in the class said there was nothing wrong with being a socialist. I said in America there's no difference between being a communist and a socialist--they're equally bad. I know I heard the difference once but I forget.

I just got the bell that Anna is ready to be picked up in 10 minutes. I set an alarm for 12:20 so I can go to the bathroom, grab my keys, and go.
Last night, she was watching videos and I let her watch some in her crib with the volume way down low. She liked that and I didn't think much of it but then realized she might get used to that. So I went in and got the tablet and she was still awake but didn't put up too much of a fuss.


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