Giovanni took the day off and is now at Yoga. He called me to tell me that he may have gotten a speeding ticket because he got clocked going over 100 km an hour on Corso Susa. He has a lot of points on his patente, but it's not good to lose points.
This morning, I took Anna to daycare a little late. I was pushing 9:30. Then, I drove to pick up Melanie. She had bags full of old clothes and things she wanted to sell at the consignment shop. I wanted to see what there was.
We found the place and parked. It's in the same building as the lazer tag place; her Scottish friend, Jennie, and her husband own the building. Or her husband owns the building; it used to be a factory and was empty for a long time before the lazer tag place. Melanie was able to sell some stuff but not half as much as she would have liked. It was interesting to see the array of things they had for sale. They had two Barbies in the original packaging for 10 euro apiece which is really startling as you can get brand-new Barbies at the Auchan for less than that--or at least these boring-type Barbies.
They had furniture and decorations and plates and housewares and everything. I took pictures of all the things I liked and ended up buying an old colander in great shape, a wicker basket to put diaper stuff in, and an old bundt pan. I need to bake a cake for my birthday next week.
They had a lot of wall mirrors and maybe I'll just do that with my new house: just put mirrors everywhere. Everyone loves mirrors. I know I love looking at myself. It started to get cold in there, so I suggested coffee. I also needed to go to the bathroom. I really need to become Italian and just drink a tiny espresso in the morning instead of an enormous cup of black coffee.
We found a generic Italian cafe across the street, ordered our drinks (caffe lungo decaffeinated for me) along with a doughnut for me and a cookie for her. The restroom was about as expected; biggest toilet I'd ever seen and no seat. I had to squat while my thighs rested on the bowl itself because there was no way to avoid it. How far we have fallen, as my old friend would say.
At least they had soap and water and hand towels to sanitize myself with afterward. After coffee, we walked to the panettiera for bread for her and then back to the car to leave. When I got home, there was no one here. I put a load of laundry into the wash, did a little housework, and then it was time to go pick up Anna at daycare.
I double parked on the street and went inside to get Anna. They're always ready for me when I get there: they must look out the window to see. I'm glad she's having such a fun time.
When we got into the car, we had to go a different way back to the main road to get home. They were working on the road. I still, for the life of me, can't find the dump. Giovanni and I drove there once and I've never seen it again--even though there are signs posted. I'm lost!

Now I'm at the computer. Giovanni just got home. I have nothing for us or him to eat. Why is it up to me, anyway? He has the day off. Why can't he cook? I made myself a little cold cut sandwich with cheese. I needed some protein in my system because I had too much sugar and it was making me a cranky bitch.
This afternoon, we're going to the fireplace store to get an estimate to put in a fireplace at Via Benetti. We'll see.

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