Death and Taxes

Sitting here waiting for the phone to ring. I did my taxes wrong. I plugged in the wrong numbers in investments and owed way too much. Of course, I goofed up and already submitted my taxes so now I have to call in the experts. I'm waiting for Turbotax to call so I can amend my taxes. The good news I don't owe half as much as I thought I owed. :) That's lucky. So, I can afford the tax advice. It's still a bargain.

It'll be nice to get it off my desk. I was sitting in a lot of pain, anxiety and angst this week.

I prayed and prayed to God for it to be lifted. I guess it was finally lifted this morning. I feel great. I felt great running around the track. Right now, I'd love to leave the apartment and drop off my laundry and maybe go to the grocery store but I'm waiting for Turbo Tax.

Last night, I met a woman who shared about being laid off. I gave her my phone number. I asked her if she liked Vegetarian food because I wanted to go to this place in Chinatown and am willing to treat her. So, maybe I'll ask her out for Tuesday evening. That would work for me.

I do believe in fundamental psychological shifts. One day booze is the answer to all of life's problems and the next day it's the cause of all of life's problems. Thank you there to the Simpsons.

I'm listening to a Daily Show audio book right now called Earth. It's pretty funny. It was a free download from the NYPL. I'm also reading a book by Greene called The 48 Laws of Power. It's amazing. I'm learning all sorts of terrible Machiavellian things. How to have and wield power. Keep my mouth shut and kiss ass. That's pretty much it. Well, those are a couple. Don't choose sides.

Sister just called and I explained the situation to her a little bit. I said I wanted to get off the phone, though, to keep the lines clear. I hate transferring between phone calls when I'm on the cell phone. I'm always afraid I'll hang up on both parties. I don't want to do that now.

So, it's been almost an hour and I'm still waiting for the tax pros to call me. Said it would be an hour and they have five minutes left. Bastards! They need to hire more people for Saturday morning! That's when we all do our taxes like losers. I don't have a big question.


Debbie from TurboTax called. She walked me through it and now I have to send a paper amendment. So it goes. Small price to pay, I guess. I shaved about $2,000 off my taxes so it's worth it. :) Yes, I'm a much wealthier woman now than I was. And it makes more sense. I made the same as I did 10 years ago. Ha! That's how much I was making in 2001 when I was working at REM. So it goes. Not that I like to remember that place.

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