Toni Morrison

Everyone's so angry. I thought yesterday about being a liberal and boiling it down. Meg Whitman, the CEO of eBay or some such nonsense, is running for Governor of California. As a republican but she's pro-choice. I gotta say, I'd vote for a female republican if s/he were pro-choice. I'd vote for any republican who was pro choice. And then I realized that was my one, big issue: right to privacy/reproductive freedom. Of course, there are some other issues that I care about. I care about the environment and recycling and endangered animals and resources. I care about peace and not going to war over everything. I do believe that the war in Afghanistan is justified but the one in Iraq is not. We gotta get Osama Bin Laden but the rest of those bitches can rot in the cots they made for themselves.

I don't know what the party line is on decriminalizing drugs but I'm not for that. I don't care that much about vegetarianism and animal rights, but I do think it's important not to torture any living being. I care about those things, but I ain't waving a sign for them.

I'm feeling listless. I did my run today. I did 45 minutes in the hot sun but there was a cool breeze so it wasn't so bad. Afterward, I sat in the shade while listening to Gone With the Wind. What a great book. If all books could be that engaging and rewarding, what a happy woman I would be. Problem is, most aren't. I must pay more attention to popular books.

E* and I were talking in the living room today. She showed me all her books signed by Toni Morrison. I like Toni Morrison, but I don't really like her. I might re-read the Bluest Eye or Sula (in fact, I think I've read Sula more than once) but I can leave Beloved and Song of Solomon on the shelf. I've tried more than once to get into the former and I barely finished the latter in college. So it goes. Different strokes for different folks, eh? I saw her in the Starbucks on Spring street many years ago. I also have the photograph of her painting hanging in the National Portrait Gallery.

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many Republican political candidates I've considered and said: "I vote for him. Oh, except he's not pro-choice..."

Residing in CA, I voted for the Governator. He's pro-choice,plus, he's the Terminator!