Sunscreen and Sloe-Gin Fizz

It's much warmer today than it's been this year. I'm wearing my Loyal Army t-shirt my sister gave me and my jeans skirt. I was sweating when I got out of the lukewarm shower! My face was red from the track. I was running around in the hot sun and I was okay. It was before nine a.m.. I got up early this morning. It's easy to get up early if it's sunny and bright out. In fact, I kind of tossed and turned most of the night. I wasn't kept awake, but I kept waking up for some reason.

I've done an hour of work today; I contacted at least 20 photographers so I'm happy with the day's work. It took me about an hour. I've been brushing up on my resume and sending it about to Craig's list and I got one phone call yesterday. Note to self: don't send resumes to jobs you don't really want because they'll call you. Just like you shouldn't flirt with guys you're not that crazy about: they're the only ones who'll ask for your phone number. Such is life.

So yeah: it's hot when I run. My face gets red. I put on tons of sunscreen but I'm probably destroying myself anyway. I went to CVS within the last week and got the family-sized bottle of suncreen. It's huge and the screen is pretty greasy. That'll teach me to go cheap. But if I go with the pricey stuff, I probably don't use as much as I should. See? I'm starting to learn more and more about myself as the years progress. Know Thyself!!

I'm listening to Gone with the Wind which is such a fabulous book. Man, can that woman write! Right now, Scarlett has just returned to Tara where there's nothing to eat and everyone's miserable. Everyone's looking to her; she's emerging as the new South. How exciting. I'm also listening to Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester is being a dick and teasing her. Well, he's kind of a big dick. He's married and wants to commit bigamy. Jane is right to run away as she does. I'm surprised Mrs. Fairfax doesn't know about what Grace Poole is hiding. I need to read Charlotte Bronte's biography by Elizabeth Gaskell. Problem is I've tried reading it before: it's a little rough starting. Slow to start. C'mon! C'mon! Get to the good stuff.

So I worked on my resume and I've started sending it out. No one wants me. I'm not going to let it bother me. I always job hunt in miserable weather. If I job hunt this summer, I have a summer-type suit. I have that white blazer mom bought me at the Banana Republic outlet in Portland.

"Well Portland Oregon and Sloe-gin fizz: if that ain't love then tell me what is! Uh huh! Uh huh! I lost my heart and I lost my mind in Oregon!"

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