I'm so proud of myself. I bought my tablet and plugged it in and set it up and started to use it. I played a little Freecell yesterday and tooled around with it. Then, my monitor didn't work and I had to go into the city. Man, that wasn't good. I was cranky and late getting to the train even though I was well on time for my dental appointment. I didn't wear enough clothing and was cold all day walking around in the rain.

I got a good check up from Dr. M. He has a new receptionist and a new dental assistant.  I liked the receptionist: she was very nice. Dr. M came in and gave me the stamp of approval. The whole visit with my new Dental Save program came to $60. Not bad. I'll have to do the math to see if I actually save any money but I probably do.

I walked out the front door and across the street to the Bus and took it to Delancey street. It was a long bus ride full of Asian pre-teens. I'm so glad I'm not on anyone's radar anymore. I walked over to Eldridge where there's a dumpling shop. Four dumplings and 3 pork buns for $2. That's about what I paid 10 years ago at the little shop on Allen Street. Although back then it was five dumplings for a dollar and 4 pork buns for a dollar. I ate more than I should have but they were so hot and delicious.

There was a crazy guy screaming in there. After I left, I kept looking for a cop to do some shooing action but there was not a cop to be found.

I walked down to my new hair salon but the chick told me I'd have to wait half an hour. Phooey. I turned the corner and walked over to Forsyth where there was a shop with no one doing anything but watching Chinese soap operas. I got my bangs cut for $5 and tipped three. Then, I walked over to the bakery on Grand Street where I used to always get cookies. They've completely renovated the place since I left in 2004--which is fine. It could be an entirely new/different bakery. I got a chocolate chip cookie for 80 cents and looked at the huge hole across the street. About a month ago, there was a big fire on Grand street and it was across the street from the bakery. I can't even remember what was there now.

Today, I walked over to my doctors to get my ears flushed and to take a thyroid test. I didn't eat or drink any coffee. He was only able to flush one ear; the other ear, the right ear, still has some hard wax that wants to stay put. I don't want to go back but may have to at some point. I've been using that peroxide crap that tickles like mad after awhile. First it sizzles, and then it's excruciating and impossible to "scratch."

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