Microsoft Clippy

Just like I don't understand the appeal of Tori Amos, I don't understand the animosity towards Clippy. What has he ever done to anger everyone so? He's just a little friendly thing. You can get rid of him. He turns into a little motor scooter and rides away.

And Barney. Why the animosity against Barney? He's such a nice, jolly fellow.


pinknest said...

the animosity is funny. i used to enjoy the presence of the clippy. seriously, he kept me company while writing papers back in college. but then i gres to hate him. and changed him to the dog instead. a good way to procrastinate.

Bowling Sans Pantaloons said...

OMG I totally TOTALLY HATE CLIPPY!!!! I change it to the cat on every computer I can. Clippy thinks he KNOWS FUCKING EVERYTHING all SMUG, KNOCKING on the other side of my monitor because I'm not paying attention to his PERFECT grammar and what fucking DATE it is.

FUCK YOU CLIPPY, you stupid anthromophosized (sp?) PAPERCLIP...I BET YOU'D KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT YOU FUCKING PRICK!! I BET YOU'D JUST *LOVE* TO KNOCK ON MY MONITOR GLASS RIGHT NOW AND SAY, "Um, excuse me,but I believe that word is correctly spelled A-N-T-H-R---aggghghghghg" Yeah, BITCH, that's ME choking your paperclip ASS making your fuckihg eyes bug out in a death rattle unknown by any OTHER cartoon office supply!!! YOU ASSHOLE!!!

Don't get me started!!!

Jetpacks said...

The Unholy Trinity:

Tori Amos

Marie said...

Barney has this permanent, painted smile. He is insanely cheerful. Most other children's entertainers can have moods. Barney is like a Stepford Wife.