First Kisses

Does anyone have dreamy first kisses like this one? The one where the girl has a big crush on the hottie surf instructor and he's really mature for an 18-year-old and touches her neck and slllllowwwwwwwwly, delicately, artfully swoops in for the kiss: light at first and then grows stronger and stronger and it fades out.

All my highschool kisses were awkward drunken affairs where nine times out of ten I instigated it and the boy never called me again. Hollywood lies to us.


archeress said...

My whole life has been a search for just that kiss. I just read that you're moving! Add me to the list of people who will take your unemployed self to lunch in nyc when you get here. Hope the trip is smooth. Do you play pool? Or we could shoot some arrows on my roof.

Marcie said...

Hollywood lies big time and I have to admit I love it. Watched "Pride and Prejudice" last weekend and I was crushing big time on Mr. Darcy.

bowling with no panties said...


My first REAL kiss was by a boy who I HATED who TRICKED me at an 8th grade party, and I didn't like his tongue in my mouth so I bit it on purpose. Then he went and told everybody I was a rotten kisser.

I did have a semi-magical kiss with the boy next door. There was huge thirteen year old innocently sexual tension between us and it did seem like slow motion until he actually DID kiss me and man oh man oh man oh man it was awesome until five days later when he told me that he only liked me as a friend.


Anonymous said...

I had a first kiss like that. He was on older man, a janitor. I used to sit on his lap during recess and when teacher was away. One day he touched my hair and said "you're a very special little boy and I'm going to share a secret with you"...oops, gotta go

Miss Michele said...

I remember my first kiss. It was stupid and exciting and drunken. I never heard from him again and that was the first of many that I never heard from again. Where do they go? Are they with the missing sock?

I like your writing...just found your blog...good stuff.

Good luck in NYC. I'm in San Francisco and have always wanted to live in Manhattan, but I'm afraid I'd have your same experience.

Roger that!