Computers Make Me Mental

My itunes has stopped recognizing my ipod about 50% of the time. I now have to re-start my computer if I want to to recognize it and then it's iffy. Thanks to the new Microsoft operating system, it's not supposed to crash anymore. I never have to re-start my computer.

I've re-started my computer at least five times in the last two days. I hate this shit. It all happens at once.

Here's some other bothersome things:

My avant browser will not accept a new homepage other than the dumb Hewlett Packard one. No matter how many times I re-program it in options and preferences, it thinks for a second and then says, "" So I programmed it to just go to a blank page: which is bothersome but not as much.

When I go to adjust time/date it doesn't find the New York Eastern time zone. I've clicked everything in the vicinity: no dice. I have to manually do it. I hate manually doing things. I should just be able to click on the time zone and have it take care of everything. No, I'm not just a dumb girl: something is wrong and no one will help me with this!

My screensaver will not turn on. I have a lot of photographs and my photo screensaver in XP won't start. My computer just sits there like a mentally challenged youth; churning away and happy as can be. Doesn't get bored; doesn't shut off. I've changed the desktop preferences thousands of times. Once again, no dice.


archeress said...

by now i hope your tech woes have subsided at least a little. nothing more annoying than computer compatibility password administrator network error problems. this week our office is being refurbished with all new computers and there are so many huge empty boxes in the way, i'm trying to think of it as an installation by cristo and jean claude, rather than the shit hole it actually is.

Miss Michele said...

Girl, you have got the computer from hell. Did you ever see that Curb episode where Richard Lewis claims he invested "from hell" phrases. Anyway, I was reading your posts and don't you hate that stupid rainbow whirly that comes up when you're computer is thinking?

Did you happen to see the Dave Attel show with Dane Cook? Brilliant.