Vicks DayQuil

Vicks DayQuil


archeress said...

i got an inhaler now. don't hate me.

by the way, something weird with your blog on my mac...some of the posts are obscured by the menu thingy at the right. is it just me?

LME said...

Or better yet, just stay home (if you are fulltime and have insurance and sick days) until you're better and don't go spreading your cooties to everyone else in the office!

LisaBinDaCity said...

And I wish they would just stay at home and not send toxicity towards the rest of us!

It happened to me too, Archeress.

Marcie said...

This should be a real ad.
Or is it?

Miss Michele said...

it is skewed on my pc as well...i think its how you are posting them. they are too big for the space...maybe change your template...or tell me to shutup.